Pelham Design

Formally known as London Land Interiors, Pelham Design is an interior design studio that delivers projects with the clients’ requirements and expectations firmly intact.

Pelham takes the time to understand their international clients and in turn clients enjoy placing their trust and confidence in them, delivering both thoughtful and intelligent design.

For many years London Land has provided a very personal management service across lettings, investment properties and projects, including private home management. Over this time, we found that our clients were using interior design companies but were often disappointed with the service.


Clients found frustrations when some designers did not understand the clients exact needs. The service they received lacked the simplicity and transparency that they were looking for. This is where London Land began to help and thus our sister company emerged, initially London Land Interiors and now called Pelham Design.

Pelham Design is comprised of a small and dedicated team. Chloe, the creative director, has been part of the company for over 7 years and has a wealth of experience from the initial planning and development phase, all the way through to the interior design. Over time Pelham Design has developed a diverse portfolio of projects, working closely with their loyal and driven suppliers.

“We take pride in our approach and our ability to deliver projects with the clients requirements and expectations always firmly intact. The core ethos of Pelham is the understanding of our international client’s needs. In turn, they place their trust and confidence in us, enabling us to delivering both thoughtful and intelligent design, whether in London, New York or Singapore.”

At London Land we enjoy the combined ‘in-house’ cooperation between ourselves and Pelham Design, although being separate entities we very much work in synergy.

Pelham is currently busy on some exciting residential projects and also has a commercial in the pipe line. We look forward to sharing the updates.

Should you be interested to know more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dominic or Chloe


Pelham Design